'Empowering the Parent within'

Before your baby arrives:

  • Preparation and education for your breastfeeding journey - planning can help if there is any reason why breastfeeding might be difficult

  • Draft your OWN breastfeeding plan with confidence

  • Practical tips on caring for your newborn and recognising usual behaviour 

After your baby is here: 

  • Help to establish breastfeeding from day one.

  • Early assistance means that if you have questions or problems we can work together before they get out of hand. You are more likely to breastfeed for longer. 

  • Help with any breastmilk supply issues

Phone, Skype or Email Support

  • Just knowing someone is there if you need them is a great help to many new Mums and Dads

  • Some Regional and Remote areas do not have the specialised support of an IBCLC in person. Consulting like this is a great way for them to 'talk to' or 'see' a qualified Lactation Consultant.

 If you would like to make an appointment clink the link below and choose your preferred service.