'Empowering the Parent within'

Home Visits

Before your baby arrives:

  • Preparation and education for your breastfeeding journey

  • Draft your OWN breastfeeding plan with confidence

  • Practical tips on caring your newborn and recognising usual behaviour

  • Planning and intervention can help if there is a medically diagnosed reason why breastfeeding may be difficult

After your baby is here: 

  • Help to establish breastfeeding from day one.

  • Early assistance means that if you have questions or problems we can work together before they get out of hand. You are more likely to breastfeed for longer. 

  • Help with any breastmilk supply issues

In Hospital Visits

In hospital visits allow me to give you and your baby consistant, familiar care and attention so you can have the best breastfeeding start possible.
Please check with your hospital to see if this is possible.

Phone, Skype or Email Support

  • Just knowing someone is there if you need them is a great help to many new Mums and Dads

  • Some Regional and Remote areas do not have the specialised support of an IBCLC in person. Consulting like this is a great way for them to 'talk to' or 'see' a qualified Lactation Consultant.

NB: Phone and email support is always included as a follow up after a home consultation.